GMC Mushroom



The Mother Ground Company has grown up with Fresh Mushroom Company , which has been working in the field of mushroom’s substrates since 2001.
In addition to the production of mushrooms in all kinds, And the establishment of farms in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East. And due to the lack of all the raw materials needed to create the mushrooms environment and conditions in those countries,We had the initiative to create the mushrooms environment appropriately.

while ensuring high productivity and accuracy.
The company is also distinguished by dispatch of specialized experts in the field of production to all farms.
We monitor all the operations and results of each farm.
Our team dedicates its work in the
product, modern information and developments to the customer in order to ensure the best results for all farms all over the world.
The Company has branches in the Republic of Egypt ,the Kingdom of Bahrain and agents in both the Kingdom of Jordan and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Products that are in demand: · Mushroom substrate (friendly to environment ) spawn Fresh mushrooms Agricultural pesticides Mushroom cultivation equipment and Casing soil.
Average delivery time of, products is 14 to 21 days.
We have Customers who need every 20 days.
Why do you need our substrate and what motivates customers to order my company
1- The customer obtains important information for the success of his work in Arabic.
2. The right choice of products (substrate ,mushrooms, spawn ).
– Conditions that we commit to and Recognize:
– Fresh product (sent immediately after incubation period)
– The product is free of risk and disease.

The shipping terms of the product are as follows :
_ Sterilize and clean containers for loading. Leaving space between the bags to breathe and prevent overheat.
_Uninterrupted cooling during charging.
_ The quantity in the container is economical and good·
-Instructions of each shipment and information are given to customer.
– Arrival of containers during the year according to the work plan and specific program every three months.
It is essential that we carry out this business precisely to keep customers satisfaction at work and to ensure productivity and continuity of work with you successfully.